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employee benefits

Employee Benifits

Health – Dental – Vision – Group Life – Group Disability

At Green & Associates, we will work with you achieve the optimum solution for your companies unique set of challenges.

Our wide range of services includes the following:

  • Developing a Benefits Strategy: We will work with you to understand and identify what is most important to your organization in order to create a plan that will best achieve your objectives.
  • Planning: Approximately 60 days prior to your renewal date, we will obtain updated census information, then contact carriers to obtain the best quotes. As a basis for future planning, we will work with you to determine what programs have proved most effective in the past.
  • Person-to-Person Renewal Evaluation: We will share our assessment of your program, then plan the service approach that will best meet your business needs.
  • Timeline: Once your expectations are established, we will create a plan to achieve your objectives. A timeline will be created to ensure the timely implementation of the agreed-upon plan.
  • Enrollment Meetings: We will prepare a schedule for enrollment meetings at all client locations, overseeing the preparation of communications materials and the completion of administrative follow-up. We will set up and facilitate meetings with insurance carrier representatives to enable employees to ask questions and address problems face-to-face.
  • Section 125 Support: We will work with you to determine if you will benefit from Section 125 and assist you in the implementation of a plan.

To learn more about the coverage that best suits your organization and to purchase insurance contact us.